In order to be able to offer a more complementary range of services, Asvalis collaborates with the following companies. At the same time, we offer our services to their client as well.

If you have access to one organisation within the collaboration network, you have access to services of all of the networked organisations.



Onrix supports customers identify their most critical digital assets and support a program tailored to mitigate casual human errors and specific cyber risks. The approach taken relies on a methodology aimed at focusing on the critical impact potential of digital systems loss or unreliability . The methodology promotes a phased approach to raise security maturity at a pace that is in line with the customer’s capability to implement and maintain best cyber security practices.


Secudea was founded by Dieter Sarrazyn and aims to provide its security Services, knowledge and expertise to organisations active within or having an ICS/SCADA/OT (operational technology) environment. This can be any of the following Services within the operation or information technology field: awareness sessions, ICS Security training, (technical) security assessments, SCADA/ICS/OT security consultancy. These services will help you to achieve a higher security level or your environment without impacting functionality, business and processes.


Corelan Consulting has been founded by Peter Van Eeckhoutte, after working at Imperial Meat Products (Campofrio Food Group) for nearly 2 decades.  His rich experience enables him to share his expertise in ICT Infrastructure and Cybersecurity with the industry.