Collaboration Announcement

After having achieved a good collaboration between Secudea, Onrix and Asvalis, it became time to expand the available services.  As such, we started looking for a new member to join.  We are glad to announce that Corelan Consulting BVBA, founded by Peter van Eeckhoutte will be joining the team.

The joint offering focuses, among other things, on the security of industrial environments (ICS / Scada / …) in all its facets, helping companies with their of IT (Security) Governance (processes / policies & procedures), the execution of assessments (technical / procedural) and creating & rolling out a Cyber Security strategy adapted to the specific company needs.

The foundation of this cooperation is based on strong security principles, including mutual confidentiality agreements, information security and need-to-know information sharing.


More information can be found at:

Corelan Consulting